Why Teaching Profession ?

    • Harmony Between Career & Family Life
    • Stay Connected with Education Field
    • Stress Free Work Culture
    • Short Yielding period
    • The Noblest Profession

Future Prospects

Promising Entrepreneurs
Our courses help budding entrepreneurs who run or intend to start an educational programs such as pre-school, activity clubs, toy library, Mother-Toddler group, recreation program, etc.
The courses help existing teachers who want to
  • Keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the field of education.
  • Support their experience with certification.
  • Seek better job opportunities and increments
House Wives
Our courses are for home makers who wish to,
  • Enhance their parenting skills
  • Gain inputs on growth and development of their children
  • Take up part-time jobs with flexible working hours and thus maintain a balance between professional and personal life
  • Serve the nation through education not remaining inactive at home
Our courses help collegians who aspire to gain a professional qualification along with graduation since the institute offers these courses through various modes such as regular / weekend / correspondence
Mid-Career Professionals
Our courses help mid-career professionals who wish to change their current profession due to :
  • Long working hours
  • Target-based jobs
  • Frequent long-distance travelling
  • Male dominating environment
  • Unique job satisfaction